Yellow & White Abtsract Stripes SlingPitaara is an emerging EMARKET place to connect craftsmen, artists, and independent sellers with a global clientele. Our selection of traditional and contemporary arts and crafts is specially selected to preserve as well as promote India’s diverse cultural heritage. We aim to connect with a global clientele and bring them a step closer to unique handmade treasures from the interiors of India.

Each state of India has its own dominant and distinctive culture and art form that is evident even now. These authentic crafts sometimes take months and years of painstaking efforts and the craftsmanship has been passed from one generation to the next.

In this beautiful shopping journey, we desire to bring you closer to these masters of tool work and artists who are the real show-stealers.

Pitaara, offers a distinctive range of handicrafts straight from the artisans who have dedicated their lives to keep their traditions and art from diminishing. Our patrons and buyers will be helping the craftsmen and artists become self-reliant by ensuring that their age-old craft and traditions do not go extinct in the near future.


Pitaara, is an initiative by Dhaneshwari Devi, from the princely state Sayla, nestled in the heart of Gujarat, India.

The historic reign of this princely state can be traced back to the 12th century to the Jhala Rajputs who came to Saurashtra from Sindh. Sayla was founded in 1751 by Seshmalji, who was a great warrior as well as a visionary. He is accredited with laying the foundation of the Rajmahal and fortifying the province.

Pitaara is an earnest effort to preserve the glorious history of this beautiful land by promoting the local arts and crafts in India and overseas.

Dhaneshwari Devi, has conceptualized Pitaara as a means to ensure that the craftsmen and artists have access to individual buyers, art collectors, and connoisseurs who are passionate about the royal heritage of Rajputana empires and other contemporary art.