If you wish to decorate your home with handmade original vintage paintings, paintings from Rajasthan are an excellent option. Rajasthan paintings, also called Rajput paintings, bring a sense of royalty and elegance in the viewer. They exhibit the qualities of the era and depict it beautiful and vibrant colors capable of enhancing the mood of your home.

Why Rajasthani paintings are a good option for vintage paintings?

The Indian state of Rajasthan is well-known for its rich legacy of paintings art that dates back to the pre-historic era. In its formative stage, Rajasthan paintings followed the Ajanta tradition. When artists from Gujarat settled in Rajasthan to avoid the ravages of Arab invasions, they combined their local traditions with the Ajanta tradition.

The Jain style, also called Apbransh or Gujarati style, dominated Rajasthani paintings till the 12th century, whereastheMewar Jain Painting style developed in the 13th century. It was after the 15th century that the Rajasthani painting style developed independently and reached its pinnacle of glory by the 17th century.

The major Rajasthan painting styles include:

Phad Paintings

Phad Painting is a 700-years-old Indian fork art form that narrates stories of local gods and deities through vibrant visual representations. The traditional paintings were 13 armlengths long to 30 feet long. However, considering the size limitations of modern homes, they are now made in 2,4, and 6 feet.

Extremely skilled artists, adhering to techniques taught by ancestors, create Phad paintings on hand-woven coarse cotton cloth. They use natural paints sourced from stones, flowers, plants, and herbs.It takes a few weeks to a few months to complete the painting, depending on its complexity.

Phad paintings preserve folklore and centuries old stories while reflecting the glorious culture of India.

Miniature Paintings

The Mughals introduced the art of miniature painting to India in the 15th century,and Indian artists produced them in their unique style, which is called Rajput or Rajasthani miniature. Indian artists employed multiple perspectives in their paintings, unlike their European counterparts.

The miniature paintings use mediums like paper, ivory panels, wooden tablets, leather, marble, cloth, and walls. They include minute details with strong lines, bold colors, and harmonious patterns.

Its colors are mixed in an elaborate process and made from minerals, vegetables, precious stones, as well as pure silver and gold. The brushes needed are very fine and made from the hair of squirrels. Vintage paintings are aristocratic, individualistic, and strong in portraiture. They depict court scenes, hunting expedition of royalty, flowers, and animals.

Kajali Paintings

Kajali Paintings do not need the use of brushes but only hands and cloth. The word kajali is derived from kajal meaning carbon black, which imparts grey shade to the paintings. Other colors are obtained from the powder of semi-precious stones.

The paintings portray wild animals, gods, and women with specific emphasis on facial expressions.

There are not many artists today capable of doing these paintings as they require a lot of expertise and time to complete. The preferred mediums are paper with a rough surface or canvas cloth. The manual and distinct process of creating these paintings make them rare and unique.

Gemstone Paintings

Gemstone painting is a 200-year-old art of Rajasthan. Having rich reserves of precious and semi-precious stones, Rajasthan uses them to color these decorative paintings.

The paintings have intricate images and their outline is done in watercolor. The artists are highly skilled and have a vivid imagination. The gemstone colors do not lose their luster for years and provide a unique color scheme, beauty, and precision to the paintings.

Rajasthan Paintings are highly communicative and vivacious. They are known for minuscule detailing, vibrant colors, and rich depiction of scenes from mythology, folklore, and the times gone by nature.

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