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Buy Online Indian Ethnic Art In Canada

Buy Online Indian Ethnic Art in Canada. The history of Indian Art is as old and as diverse as its civilization. Each region has its own style and preferred medium, the artworks originally were inspired by Indian mythology, spiritual musings and depiction of everyday life. Even today these paintings are a source of inspiration for budding artists, connoisseur and art collectors.
Each region in India is associated with a type of artwork. The diversity of style can be traced back to school of miniature painting famous for the intricate details, Buddhist murals, which are studied even today by aspiring artists to the etchings of tribal Warli art, it is an assorted yet delightful cultural feast for all art lovers.
Our handpicked collection of paintings at Pitaara showcases a range of original vintage and contemporary paintings. Each painting displayed here is an original and has been carefully reviewed by our team.
We are dedicated to procuring paintings by both eminent artists from India. Our collectables focus on both contemporary and vintage artwork representing different styles and subjects which include abstract, landscape, portraits, and mythology interpretations. Check out our diverse range of paintings which include, oil on canvas, mix mediums, canvas, fabrics and paper.