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Buy online Patola Sarees and Stoles in Canada

Buy online Patola Sarees and Stoles in Canada.

According to the historians, the famous Patola weaving art of Patan began in the 12th century when the King Kumarpal Singh of Solanki Dynatsy invited over 700 families of weavers to settle down in Patan. He was a devout patron of this weaving art, it is because of his patronage that the weavers found a platform to keep their traditions alive.

Presently out of the 700 families only 1 family is devoted to preserve the dwindling art. Rohit Bhai Savli and Bharat Bhai Savli have kept the traditions alive for 35 generations. The Patola Sarees woven by them are a prized possession and are worn exclusively on festive occasions such as weddings, vedic rituals, auspicious occassions etc.

Most of the current designs seen on sarees and stoles are over 900 years old. Patola silks are and have been an epitome old of class, luxury and style.