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Buy Online Vintage Furniture in Canada. Create depth and add personality to your room with the earthy tones of vintage furniture. Make a classic and striking space with vibrant fabrics, materials and textures.
Shop for well cared ‘originals’ and versatile ‘retro’ to recreate that pure vintage look. Our vintage collectables will create a unique style statement, whether in home, office or bedroom.
Pitaara- Vintage furniture has a curated selection of original and distinctive interiors that we proudly offer to our valued clients. All our distinctive pieces create vintage-inspired looks that are stylish, modern and functional. Our love for original antique furniture has inspired us to carefully select each piece of furniture, to give you a lifestyle that is unique and quintessential.
We believe that a home should be a space where you are surrounded with things that you love,meaningful and personal. Our products are carefully crafted using the top quality materials and each piece has its own saga of craftsmanship and artistry. From mixed finishes and textures to natural and painted woods, our collection has something exceptional for all our valued clients.